Bin Laden’s Killing Shows the Utter Folly of our “War on Terror”

The killing of Osama bin Laden illustrates yet again the utter folly of responding to acts of terrorism by waging “pre-emptive” war against nation-states — the heart of the so-called “Bush Doctrine,” which has continued in many (but not all) respects under the Obama administration. It is no small irony that it is being hailed as a great victory in the “War on Terror.”

The methods that reportedly led to his capture were the antithesis of that doctrine – intelligence was unearthed, old-fashioned police-work developed the lead further and a special forces team executed the operation. Bin Laden was living in the lap of luxury among our allies, not in either of the countries we’ve invaded and occupied since 9/11. Not only was he nowhere near a battlefield, he was in a military cantonment, less than a half-mile away from the Pakistan Military Academy at Kakul.

Joshua Holland | AlterNet