Dialing In For Democracy – Now Is Critical

Jeff Taylor is one of Vermont’s three electors – representatives elected by the citizens of Vermont to vote for President of the United States. He and his two peers have joined the electors of several other states in signing resolutions asking their state’s congressional delegation to protest the Ohio slate of electors.

“If they can have fair elections in Kiev,” Taylor told me, “why not in Cleveland?”

Here’s what troubles Taylor:

If you flip a coin a hundred times, odds are that around fifty times it will come up heads and fifty times tails. In reality, it may be 49-51 or even 47-53, but it will always pretty much evenly split. That’s the nature of random events, including random errors and mistakes.

So if the tens of thousands of election “irregularities” being reported all across the nation – but particularly in Ohio, Florida, New Mexico, and North Carolina – showed “irregularities” worked randomly to the benefit of both parties, it would be easy to say that we have a broken, but not a stolen or hacked, election system. But that was not the case.

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