Fuel to the Fire

Even for an administration that has set the standard for criminal incompetence, their latest great idea — selling $20 billion in arms to Saudi Arabia and five other Persian Gulf countries — only makes sense to  arms dealers who will rake in the profits and rapture freaks who rightfully see this as the fast lane to the global apocalypse of their dreams.

The fact that the Iraq fiasco has demonstrated beyond question that Bush-Cheney have zero understanding of the way things work in the Middle East should count for something in a sane world. Or in a functioning democracy.

But America is neither, and free market capitalism rules the day, so after some mild dithering from a handful of timid Dems, rest assured the deal will go through and we will ship massive arsenals into a region that is just one tiny provocation or simple misunderstanding away from all-out war.

And of course, all of this is added to a policy that forbids respectful conversations or negotiations with those we’ve declared “evil,” or that the supposed evils of the Iranians and Syrians are more than surpassed by the actual evils of the Saudis.

Only one question remains: can the world survive 18 more months of these fools?

Michael Sky

One thought on “Fuel to the Fire”

  1. truly these are words of wisdom. i know for a fact that whatever we put our energy into, wether love or hate, feeds of it and grows stronger. therefor i think the only solution is to exercise ones own love, compassion and forgiveness and let it radiate as much as you can. one by one we will change ourselves and become the prime example for generations to come. love is natural, fear is something we have to learn from conditioned people who knew no better. so i forgive myself for the hatred i have felt for the horrific abuse of power the Bush regime has displayed so that my love can radiate and expand all the way from Iceland to the white house and hopefully embrace them so they can understand that there is nothing to be afraid of, wether that be the loss off power, loss of money or any wrong doing what so ever. we are all one and there is more than enough of everything for everybody to be happy and joyful.

    thank you michael for you wonderful teachings and the inspiration you have given me to better myself so i may expand and grow so that in the future others can eat of my fruits of wisdom. truly thank you.


    marteinn örn


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