Going to Healthcare Hell

And in Senator Baucus committee, Senate Finance, theyll be OK with it if insurance companies only charge up to five times as much for age-related rating of premiums. Wow. Thats shocking, and Ill bet most older people dont even know that their Congressional members are considering allowing that to be done to them. Fives times as much to be paid by older people for health insurance – and no promises about denial of claims or policy rescission. Sweet deals are being made all over the place for everyone but you and me and our neighbors and friends.

Its healthcare, human rights hell, and it going to get worse unless and until we stand up more loudly and clearly for what most of us were taught by our parents about what is decent and what is right. This Congress cannot act on our behalf as decent Americans – apparently – without our righteous demands on behalf of one another.

Donna Smith | CommonDreams.org