In Iraq, freedom is marching backwards

So what was accomplished by the whole venture?  Aside from the grotesque immorality, criminality, loss of innocent life and the disappearance of untold billions upon billions of dollars, the only real change seems to be that we replaced one brutal tyrant with another, although the one that used to be there at least was an enemy of and check against our Current Enemy (Iran, the nation against whom Tom Friedman assures us we are waging a new Cold War), while the one that is there now is a strong ally, perhaps even a client, of those Persian Hitlers.  So — other than finding an excellent way to prop up our National Security State — the one thing we “accomplished” with the invasion of Iraq was to provide the largest possible benefit to the country that is supposedly our Greatest Enemy.

We never learn the lesson, because we don’t want to, that things don’t work out well when we invade, bomb, occupy and try to re-make other countries.  Does anyone believe that, if and when we stop waging war in Afghanistan, the results will be any better?

Glenn Greenwald |