Industry Rules

This is how things always work.  The industry interests which own and control our government always get their way.  When is the last time they didnt?  The “public option” was something that was designed to excite and placate progressives who gave up from the start on a single-payer approach — and the vast, vast majority of progressives all but the most loyal Obama supporters who are invested in this issue have been emphatic about how central a public option is to their support for health care reform.

But it seems clear that the White House and key Democrats were always planning on negotiating it away in exchange for industry support.  Isnt that how it always works in Washington?  No matter how many Democrats are elected, no matter which party controls the levers of government, the same set of narrow monied interests and right-wing values dictate outcomes, even if it means running roughshod over the interests of ordinary citizens securing lower costs and expanding coverage and/or what large majorities want.

Glenn Greenwald |