Lame Fuck President

Been on a mini-vacation, getting back just in time for the long-heralded Petraeus report, wisely scheduled for the 6th anniversary of 9/11.

Five minutes into the General’s “testimony” it was apparent that, like Colin Powell’s infamous U.N. testimony, we were getting another load of Bushit. Though I’m no longer surprised by anything this administration does, it’s still dismaying to watch the Democrats just take it.

Not to mention the media dutifully reporting it all, as if it bore any relation at all to the truth. Tom Engelhardt best sums up my feelings:

To grasp the Petraeus moment, you really have to re-imagine official Washington as a set of drunks behind the wheels of so many SUVs tearing down a well-populated city avenue — and all of them are on their cell phones. They hardly notice the bodies bouncing off the fenders. For them, the world is Washington-centered; all interests that matter are American ones. Nothing else exists, not really. Think of this as a form of imperial autism and the Petraeus moment as the way in which the White House and official Washington have, for a brief time, blotted out the world.

Consider it a stark view into the next 16 months of American politics while we wait for President Kick-Ass to lame-out. Nothing will change, certainly not improve, and all of it will be dumped into the laps of the lucky winners of the 2008 elections.

Michael Sky