Lying Us Into War, Again

Bush/Cheney continue to prattle on about Al Qaeda’s presence in Iraq, and about the aid the supposed terrorists are getting from Iran and Syria — all lies and all part of the sales pitch for their final fiasco, an invasion of Iran.

Here’s a few key facts that we won’t be hearing from our war-mad leaders:

1. Of the more than 19,000 insurgents currently held in US prisons in Iraq, 135 are foreigners. So, if indeed it’s an Al Qaeda insurgency, then it is one entirely of Bush’s creation. Terrorists are not flocking to Iraq to join in the fight against freedom; rather, they were born and raised in Iraq and have rightfully turned against an unlawful, brutal, foreign occupation.

2. Of those 135 foreign terrorists in custody, nearly half are from Saudi Arabia. Few, if any, are from Iran.

3. Half of all those Saudi “can’t be terrorists because they’re our allies” come to Iraq as suicide bombers.

4. And lest we forget, all but four of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia; none were from Iraq or Iran.

As Juan Cole puts it:

Which country is providing a lot of foreign suicide bombers? US ally Saudi Arabia. Has any general or Bush administration official called a press conference to denounce Saudi Arabia? No. Has Joe Lieberman threatened it with a war? No. Everything is being blamed on Iran because powerful American special interests want to get Iran, regardless of the facts.

There isn’t any significant cadre of foreign “al-Qaeda” fighters in Iraq if this is all we could capture. They can’t take over the country because they are such a tiny group. Everything Bush and Cheney have said about the nature of the war and the supposed dangers of a US withdrawal is transparent falsehood.

Second verse, worse than the first…………

Michael Sky