Peace Takes Courage

One particularly wicked threat was sent to me the night before I testified at Congressman Conyers’ Downing Street Memo Hearings in June, I got an email from a man who said that he hoped that my other three children would die. I think these people level pretty harsh punishments at other people who are only exercising their freedom of speech when the person who is responsible for killing American soldiers and executing innocent Iraqi children and making them orphans is touted as a fine Christian man.

God help anyone who speaks out against the anti-American Bush regime that condones torture and use of chemical weapons of mass destruction. God help anyone who refuses to be silenced in the face of our government that commits war crimes and crimes against humanity. The individuals who call 15 year old girls and Gold Star Moms vile names and threaten our lives are the lowest denominator in our society and these people are the ones who need to be marginalized and stopped. Open and honest discourse in our society is welcomed and encouraged and our differences are only eclipsed by our commonalities, but obscene and destructive assaults on fellow human beings only adds to the violence in our already all too violent society.

Ava is not calling for a violent overthrow of our government nor is she the one who is being obscene. Ava is not the one who sent our troops into harm’s way thus condemning the innocent people of Iraq to death and heartache. Ava is only showing the images that have been brought to the world by BushCo and the people who crassly try to intimidate a 15 year old girl are threatened by the truth and should be ashamed of their support of the disorganized crime mob in DC and ashamed of the way they talk to a young lady who is doing her best to make the world a better place.

How many scandals will it take for the 32 percent of the population who still support murder and mayhem dressed up in suits and ties to wake up and honor people like Ava and not trash them?

Ava is one tough and compassionate cookie and she needs our support and love, please go to her site: and drop a note of support to our little sister in peace. Her type of behavior needs to be encouraged, emulated and rewarded and I can guarantee you, she will be one of the first recipients of a Camp Casey Peace Prize for young activists.

Cindy Sheehan | CommonDreams  (read more. . .)