Single Payer: Not Cash Cows, but Good Neighbors

Our system presents a moral hazard – not to ordinary people trying to get decent medical care but to the private sector trying to make money for shareholders. This needs to be fixed, if only because we should feel humanly, morally obligated to provide every human being with access to medical care as needed.

The universal health insurance option recently proposed by Sen. Sherrod Brown is designed to keep the health insurance industry alive in a few giant corporation, from which each of us would have to choose one and pay its premiums and take whatever benefits it offers. It is intended to persuade us cows that our milk is buying our care and protecting our freedoms to shop for “good deals” in bypass surgery or colonoscopies.

The only option that removes profit-taking from our health care system – single payer – is not being heard from the White House, has been suppressed on Capitol Hill, and is widely ignored by the mainstream media – except for ads opposing it.

Single-payer would take private insurance companies out of the system entirely. Every person would pay some federal tax to create a pool of money large enough to cover the medical needs of everyone. That pool of money would pay providers from the private sector – doctors, hospitals, labs, pharmacies, etc. – like Medicare does now for people over age 65.

If we dont want to be treated like cows, we have to stop acting like cows. We need to assert our moral imperatives: health care is a matter of the common good – for our neighbors, our communities, our nation, and for the world.

The only human, moral option for universal health care is single payer.

Caroline Arnold |