What Part of “Our Oil” Can’t they Understand?

There’s new polling that shows that two-thirds of Iraqis, including majorities of every ethnic and religious group in Iraq, strongly oppose “plans to open the country’s oil fields to foreign companies.” The nerve!

Since getting control of Iraqi oil has been the real point of the whole invasion and aftermath, how annoying that the damn Iraqis are using their US-blessed democracy to frustrate the process. No wonder the Iraqi lawmakers would rather go on vacation than work on such legislation. Forget about getting re-elected: life expectancy for Iraqi politicians who go against the will of the people is not great.

Which throws America back into its original “how to get our oil out of their soil” dilemma. It would have been so nice if the Iraqi government just deeded it over to us.

Let’s drop a few thousand more bombs, flatten another city or two, and see if we can get those polling numbers moving in the right direction. Democracy, American-style…………

Michael Sky